Tuesday, February 24, 2009


After his three year seclusion, the cashpope made a vicious comeback at the Yankee stadium to a crowd of 57,545 people. Cashman once again threw the first pitch but this time... as the pope!!!


Micah cash copy
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The Micash is a gentle creature. In it's free time it takes pictures, hangs out with Bob and the Living Suns , and spends quality time with his girlfriend (Shane's sister). He's seen here reppin' his fav band and waving.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Shamu, originally uploaded by micah cordy photography.

As Cashman peeked out of the water on Shamu's nose it brought tears to the eyes of many. After his freak gardening accident three years ago he made the comeback we had all been waiting for. The crowd quickly erupted into an awestruck and truly touched roar. Here is the picture that will remain in the minds of many for generations to come!


cashvinci (by micah)
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After his last published set of fill in the blank bible notes made it onto the new york times top selling list, he saw a real future in book publishing. Apparently he was correct because he has now come out with the special edition Da Vinci Code featuring him on the cover. Currently selling in bookstores nationwide cashman has "hit the gold mine" (refer to picture below) during this economic recession. Buy this book now while still in print.

Cashman's plunder of booty

Jack Cashman copy, originally uploaded by naixonaplane.

Do you think Cashman just threatened your bible grade? I think not! He is the known menace of the seven seas Jack Cashman. Don't be afraid land lovers for you will never see his true colors, but wander the Caribbean at your own risk.